Friday, March 5, 2010

Staff Introductions: Meet Shannon

Since I will be doing most of the blogging, I thought I would start by introducing myself.  My name is Shannon, and I am, as they say here in Maine, "from away".  Born and raised in Iowa, I moved to Kansas City, MO to attend college at the Kansas City Art Institute, where I earned my BFA, with a major in textiles.  I lived in Kansas City for several years working as a designer and garment cutter, until I met my husband, and we embarked on the adventure of moving to the east coast. We fell in love with Portland, and moved here in Spring of 2003. 

Upon moving to Maine, I decided to look for work in another creative field, and began looking for work as a floral designer. With no prior experience in the floral industry, it was a challenging task, but I was confident and determined.  When I came into Dodge and met Gail (the owner of Dodge the Florist), something clicked.  She said she was willing to give me a chance and offered me a job.  Picking up knowledge and skills along the way, I have now been working at Dodge the Florist for nearly 7 years.

When I'm not working at Dodge, I love to just spend time with my husband and adorable 2 1/2 year old daughter.  I also love sewing, knitting, felting, and making jewelry, and have a website,, and shop on where I sell my creations, many of which are inspired by flowers.  I enjoy writing, and have a blog of my own, as well as being a writer and editor of Modern Handmade Child, an online magazine.  My life keeps me very busy, but I love it!

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