Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Easter Lilies are here!

The buds are just about to start opening, so be sure to get your Easter Lily early, and watch the blossoms open one by one.  Easter Lilies make a nice gift, and can even be kept to plant outside after the ground has thawed.  They will begin to bloom again in the late summer or early fall.

 Did you know..?
  • In 1919, Louis Houghton, a World War I soldier, brought a suitcase full of hybrid lily bulbs to the southern coast of Oregon and gave them to family and friends to plant.  The lilies thrived in the climate of the Pacific coast, and by 1945, over one thousand west coast growers were producing bulbs.
  • Easter Lilies are only available in the US for a few short weeks in spring.
  • The Easter lily is thought to symbolize purity, hope and life.
  • Easter Lilies are one of the most popular blooming plants in America, and are the 4th largest potted plant crop in the US, following the Poinsettia, Mum, and Azalea.
  • Easter Lilies (as well as many other varieties of lilies) are poisonous to cats.  So if you have any feline friends, be sure to keep your Easter Lilies out of their reach.

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